The Official website of Global recording artist/CEO Keke Fleiss aka The Real Babie Keesh.

"You are looking at an artist/CEO from Kansas City, MO. Keke Fleis BKA Babie Keesh had one thing one her mind, "Music." As a kid she loved 2 write, rap and sing everyday of her life. Many people thought it was strange to see a kid rapping at such a young age. She would listen to TLC, Aaliyah, 80's music and many more. Once the 90's came she listen to a lot more and a lot closer to most artist were saying. Years later to high school she would perform at many talent shows, clubs and anywhere to be heard. Now she is a grown woman with a goal to be an artist. Not a jus rapper or making music something to do in her spare time. She loves music and she wants to be the next best thing to come out of Kansas City.


Coming from Kansas City,Mo Babiekeesh is one of the hottest females in the city. She has been rapping since she was a young child and has a drive to make it to the top. Babiekeesh has been in many talent shows and contest in KCMO.She is very dedicated to music and is not afraid of thinking outside the box,she has worked with many different artist in her hometown.

With her being a female she stands out than most artist in Kansas City, MO. She dropped her first mixtape named Been In It Since the 80's which drew a lot people to her music. Also Babiekeesh has opened up for Slim Thug, Jessica Rabbit from the Bay, Shawnna, and Twista. Now she has a very hot new mixtape out now called Ten^A^Shoe Pimpin'. Yes, BabieKeesh is very motivated to keep doing music and catching a lot of people ears to listen what BabieKeesh has to say on many of her tracks.

Now she is looking to expand her horizon.